Augspurger Solo 15

Kan konfigureres på følgende måder:
– Solo 15-SXE3/3500 Base System
– Solo 15-Sub 18-SXE/3500 System
– Solo 15-Sub 218-SXE/3500 System

The Solo 15 is a main-monitor system which reduces the size of an Augspurger monitor without compromising the power, precision and performance of the traditional 2×15” Augspurger Mains system. The Solo 15 system captures the magic of the original Augspurger design in a more compact footprint, while keeping the clarity, depth and impact of its larger siblings.

Features include vertical main monitor cabinets with one high-excursion 15″ driver, the distinctive full-sized Augspurger rock maple horn with a custom compression driver utilizing a TruExtent 99.98% pure beryllium diaphragm. The Solo 15 may be configured for either free-standing use or flush-mounted into a carefully designed and built front wall.

The Solo15 may be enhanced with our single or double 18” LF extension cabinets, which will extend LF to 20 Hz (room dependent) and increase overall output.

Power is delivered by Augspurger Power SXE-3D networkable rack-mount amplifiers, providing over 3500W RMS of audiophile quality per channel, ensuring incredible dynamics and utmost clarity in sound reproduction. Each Augspurger system is expertly hand built and tested in Hanover, MA USA.

Notable users include top mixers Dave Pensado and Bob Horn, who both employ Solo 15-SUB 18 systems.

PRis: Ring for pris


Frequency Response: 28 Hz – 20 kHz no subs. 20 Hz – 20 kHz with subs.
System Output:
118 dB SPL @ 2m with program material, 120 dB w/SUB 12, 122 dB w/SUB 212 and SUB 18.
Power (per channel;):
2U rack-mount Augspurger Power SXE-3D series Class D networkable amplifier 1-input/3-output.
2500W to LF, 1000W to MF, 300W to HF. Includes active DSPtune software for complete system control including crossover, limiting, phase, driver alignment, levels and equalization.
Cabinet Dimensions
(WxHxD): 18” x 24” x 17” / 45.72 x 60.96 x 43.18 cm
102 lbs / 46.25 kg
A durable and attractive Matte Black is our standard finish. Custom automotive finishes available to match any décor and theme.

Installation af Augspurger foregår altid med en erfaren akustiker tilknyttet, da Augspurger, med rette, bekymrer sig lige så meget om rummet som om deres højtalere. Recordinggear samarbejder derfor med JWI-Acoustic der selvføgelig også er blevet godkendt af Augspurger.