Augspurger Treo Massiv

The Treo Massiv Series continues the tradition of integrating the subwoofers into the main speaker cabinet, bringing all the energy up to ear level and filling your space with enormous and detailed sound. The Massiv 212/215 system marries the glory of our Duo 12-V with a double 15″ subwoofer in each channel. It’s a no-nonsense, in-your-face system capable of staggering output, yet is precise and delivers inner dynamics and staging a mastering engineer would find remarkable.

This system is powered by two SXE-3D 1-in/3-out amplifiers, delivering 2500W to LF, 1000W to MF and 300W to our highly sensitive beryllium diaphragm in our solid full-sized maple horn. The system includes two 4-conductor Klotz premium cables for MF/HF and two 2-conductor Klotz cables for LF, all with Neutrik Speakon conns. Now you can Go Big, or Go Massiv!

Additional Treo Massiv models are the smaller 208/212 and larger 215/218.

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Installation af Augspurger foregår altid med en erfaren akustiker tilknyttet, da Augspurger, med rette, bekymrer sig lige så meget om rummet som om deres højtalere. Recordinggear samarbejder derfor med JWI-Acoustic der selvføgelig også er blevet godkendt af Augspurger.