GIK-Acoustic 244 Bass Trap With FlexRange Technology

The 244 Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology offers customers a true choice to control the frequency range that’s absorbed:

Effective absorption from 80Hz to 20kHz

Choose your bass trap without a membrane, and your bass traps are broadband bass absorbers. Choose to add a membrane installed and your bass traps absorb even lower frequencies. When used in recording studios, cymbals are crisp and clear while the bass kicks!

Our proprietary Range Limiter membrane system allows the 244 Bass Trap panel to absorb up to 50% more low end (below 60Hz) and retains 75% more high end (from 400Hz and above) versus the broadband Full Range option.

The dimensions of the 244 Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology allow the panels to be used in multiple quantities to absorb as much bass as possible without over absorbing the high end, which leaves life inside the room.

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