GIK-Acoustic Acoustic Art Panels

Have you ever been sitting across the table from someone at a restaurant and you could barely hear them because it was so loud all around? We all have. It’s no secret that noise can truly be a damper in places like restaurants, churches, offices, and lecture halls, where speech clarity and ambiance play an important role in the purpose of the environment. Yet it is only noticeable when these places have not taken the time to address the issue of room acoustics. We understand that not every place was designed with acoustics in mind, but we can help you to mitigate harsh acoustics easily, on a budget, and with elegance.

We know that not only is the sound important in spaces like these, but the aesthetic is just as important when it comes to pleasing your customers. That’s where GIK Acoustics steps in to solve the problem with Acoustic Art Panels. These are acoustic wall art panels used by home-owners, designers, architects, and engineers alike to control noise and absorb sound for purposes of restaurant acoustics, office acoustics, school acoustics, lecture halls, church acoustics, and many other rooms. The perfect combination of both design and sound absorbing qualities simultaneously, makes these acoustic wall art panels the safe and best choice for acoustic treatments.

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