GIK-Acoustic Soffit Bass Trap Custom Size

The Soffit Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology is our most effective bass trap, making it much easier to mix in a control room or recording studio, and making a substantial improvement in home theater acoustics.

Like all GIK Acoustics bass traps, was lab tested at the prestigious Riverbank Acoustical Laboratory and showed to have true effects at 50 Hz and below. It is over 50% more effective from 40 Hz to 100 Hz than even our best selling bass trap, the GIK Acoustics Tri-Trap Corner Bass Trap ©. The Soffit Bass Trap© has been effectively designed to absorb more low end; but also does an excellent job of absorbing the high end, creating smooth sound absorption from 40 Hz to 5,000 Hz. Installing our Soffit Bass Traps© will help balance the room response and decay times.

PRIS: Ring