Manley Voxbox

The VOXBOX combines the legendary Manley Mono Mic Preamp, the ELOP reborn as a lower ratio compressor, the MID EQ blown out as a full range PEAK-DIP-PEAK EQ, and a DeEsser with a second ELOP limiter at the end. Using the Direct Input, bass players often wonder why it wasn’t named the BASSBOX.

Primarily, it is a voice processor which in itself is not a novel idea, but the time had come to pull out all the stops and make a truly professional high-end statement. One that covered the needs of the project songwriters and big-time major studios alike. One whose all-tube signal path could bring every instrument and overdub to life. One that, plain and simple, sounded unquestionably better than the rest, provided flexibility, simplicity, and well thought-out ergonomics. Full of features, timeless style, robust build quality, and that world-famous “Manley Sound”, we present to you the MANLEY VOXBOX.

While we were designing the VOXBOX we couldn’t help but notice how well it works on other instruments besides voice. There are some great settings for drums, bass, guitar, and keys and the two separate sections can be used together or independently. Stereo using two VOXBOXes? You know we couldn’t resist planning for that as well. There are Stereo Links for both the compressor and the De-Ess/Limiter sections, special compression settings and super-sweet EQ frequencies for your mix or pre-mastering. So don’t just use it for voice. The name “VOXBOX” represents only the beginning…

PRis: Ring


Frequency Response: ±1dB 20Hz – 60KHz
Noise Floor (A-wgt): -86 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 113 dB
Tube complement: 12AX7 & 12BH7 (or 6414)
Gain: 40-60 dB

Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 100 kHz
Noise Floor (A-wgt): -89 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 116 dB
Tube complement: 5751 & 12BH7 (or 6414)
Gain: unity

Power Consumption: 24 Watts
Unit Weight: 14 lbs.