Smart Research C1 Dual/stereo Compressor

Original black front panel version of C2 compressor. (Two sets of controls and two audio channels, but no sidechain inputs, or crush facility)

PRis: Ring


Power: 30 Watts
Noise Floor: Below -92 dBm (flat 20Hz-20Khz)
Distortion: Below 0.025% (1K/+4 THD 20Hz-20Khz)
Frequency Response: Within 1/2dB from 20Hz to 20Khz.
Depth in Rack: 240mm.
Main Input: Balanced, impedance 10K per leg.
Output: Unbalanced (p2 hot default). Above +21dBm.
Threshold: Adjustable -15 to +15dBm.
Make-Up Gain: Adjustable 0 to +15dBm.