Waldorf Pulse 2

As an all-new, all-analogue synthesizer design, Pulse 2 flawlessly delivers exactly what synth connoisseurs around the world have been truly craving for quite some time — three analogue oscillators living in perfect harmony with a VCF (VoltageControlled Filter), yet we did not stop there: the fresh filter circuits in the Pulse 2 now offer 12dB Highpass and Bandpass modes in addition to 24dB/12dB Lowpass for strengthened sound-sculpting flexibility, while we added analogue Filter FM, two Overdrive circuits, and Ring Modulation from OSC 3, together with Paraphonic and Unison modes allowing up to eight-voice chords — a fantastic feature found on our recently-released Rocket Synthesizer.

Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer is proof positive that good things can come to those who wait. For ever since this high-quality synthesizer developer discontinued its original rack-mountable Pulse and Pulse+ programmable analogue monosynths boasting ballsy bass tones and legendary leads beyond compare, those Nineties electronic music dominating sounds have been severely sought-after by those in the know. Which was exactly what drove us into development overdrive to produce an all-new Pulse fit for the 21st Century.

PRis: Ring


– 3 analog oscillators + 1 noise generator
– Pulse width modulation
– Hard sync
– Filter FM from Oscillator 3
– Ring Modulation from Oscillator 3
– XOR Osc Mode
– 8/4 Voice Paraphonic modes
– Cascade Filter
– 24dB/12db Lowpass, 12db Highpass/Bandpass filter modes
– Powerful Arpeggiator
– 8-slot Modulation Matrix
– Backwards compatible with classic Pulse
– 500 Sound Programs