Zaor Classic Croce Stand 42

Lift your speakers to ear level with these elegant high-quality speaker stands. Aerstop mats provide speaker decoupling while the solid wood front perfectly matches the designs of the classic line.

The Croce speaker stands allow for perfectly flexible speaker placement independent of your desk, and more importantly, they elevate the speakers for ideal listening. Since the tweeter should always be on the same level with your ears, and different speakers sport very different tweeter setups, Croce is available in two different heights to accommodate the speakers in your studio. With up to 40 kgs of carrying weight, these heavy-duty speaker stands can also support larger midfield monitors.

Aerstop pads on the top plate isolate the speakers from the stands, thus avoiding resonances that typically plague widespread, often metal-based constructions. Elegantly designed and available in a number of different finishes, the Croce speaker stands complement desks from the Classic line perfectly.

PRis: Ring


– Holds up to 40 kgs of weight
– Low resonance design with Aerstop pads
Gloss White/Grey
Height: 1071 mm 
Width: 300 mm
Depth: 300 mm
Top plate Width/Depth: 300 x 300 mm