Zaor Classic Rack Roll

Redefining versatility: Rack Roll is a modular system allowing for front-loading, top-loading, under-desk applications and stacking. This is the rack that grows with you.

Today’s media creation environment calls for flexibility. Rack Roll embodies this principle and solidifies it in the form of a rack system that reacts to your needs. As your fleet of hardware processors grows, so does your rack. And when changes in your work environment necessitate changes in your workflow, Rack Roll adapts to the new situation easily.

The modular Rack Roll system consists of individual side racks that offer 10 units of rack space. When your hardware collection exceeds the 10-unit allowance, now or at any point in the future, a second Rack Roll can be stacked on top of your existing setup. The two modules connect via special brackets, so they become one piece of furniture that can be moved as a whole without the risk of the upper module falling. Once the second unit is filled with precious gear, you can even stack the third unit on top, giving you a total of 30 rack units in one cleverly designed cabinet.

The versatility of Rack Roll does not end there, as it can also be equipped with wheels so that a single module easily fits under a desk to be pulled out as required. And if you would rather have your processors laid out before you facing upwards, the Rack Roll can suit your wishes as well.

PRis: Ring


– Can be used both horizontally and vertically
– Can easily be stacked up to three units high
– Can easily be stacked up to three units high
– 10 rack units with large opening
White Gloss
Height: 572 mm
Width: 567 mm
Depth: 625 mm