Zaor Miza Rack 12 MkII

Add 12 or 16 rack units to your Miza setup and organize your hardware gear in a sophisticated style. Your Miza Rack Mk II is your outboard treasure chest – with an open back for perfect ventilation of your precious gems.

You put a lot of thought into designing your control room and a lot of care into acquiring your hardware toolkit. When your fleet of exquisite processors grows beyond the capabilities of your desk, you want those devices in a safe environment that still complements your interior design. The Miza Rack Mk II does exactly that – and more.

You can choose between 12 or 16 rack units depending on your requirements and preference. The solid Miza build quality will then neatly house your compressors, equalizers and mic preamps, matching your desk perfectly. And the Miza Rack Mk II goes beyond just being a rack that suits your design. The open back construction ensures optimal airflow so your gear can breathe – a detail you will especially appreciate when your processors feature delicate tube circuitry.

Accessories can be stored in the drawer at the bottom of the Miza Rack Mk II – an ideal place for spare patch cords, for example. The surface on the top of the rack can also be used, like an additional small desk.

PRis: Ring


– Practical drawer
– 12 rack units with quality rails
– Large top plate
– Open design
Cherry Black
Wenge Grey
Height: 815 mm 
Width: 600 mm
Depth: 601 mm
Top Plate: 500 x 600 mm