Zaor Vision KS

The most flexible keyboard tray solution on the market: the Vision KS can hold your master keyboard and slide under your desk – or completely out of the way when you do not need it for a while.

Imagine if you could take your keyboard tray and freely move it in your room without moving your desk. The Vision KS does exactly that! While it was designed for the Vision OS and Vision WS desks, the Vision KS works with pretty much any desk or even on its own. It is basically a trolley for your keyboard, synthesizer or controller, but build in such a way that it can easily disappear underneath your desktop.

Synthesizers, master keyboards and controllers can vary wildly in both shape and size. The Vision KS accounts for these differences by giving you a choice between four different heights, maximizing legroom while at the same time making sure to perfectly fit your desired application. The surface is also not obstructed by side elements, giving you basically unlimited space in every direction.

Standing on high-quality wheels, the Vision KS is easy to move around. That spot in the middle of your room that just feels right when you are playing? Roll your keys there and start getting creative. Want more legroom on editing or mixing days? Pull the Vision KS out from under your desk, put it to the side and enjoy. Vision KS does not get in the way but is there when you need it.

PRis: Ring


– Perfectly fits Vision O and Vision W, but also works with other appropriately dimensioned desks or standalone
– Height-adjustable in 4 levels to accommodate any master keyboard
Height: 623 / 639 / 655 / 671 mm 
Width: 964 mm
Top Depth: 402 mm