Zaor Vision R

The Vision R is the rack for the Vision line – and much more! With its sleek design, 12 ergonomically slanted rack units and the free-airflow construction, this side rack is an option to consider independent of the choice of the desk.

The minimalist elegance of the Vision line of desks requires a side rack that perfectly fits its modern black-and-white design approach. But Vision R goes beyond just matching the visual style and offers a rack concept as simple as it is unique.

Consider the slant of the twelve rack units, for example. From an ergonomic point of view, slanting a side rack makes perfect sense since you rarely sit or lie on the floor when setting your compression. A classic rack design, however, tends to become very bulky when constructed with a slant. The Vision R pulls this off easily, almost effortlessly, as the fairly strong angle feels a natural part of the Vision design.

The fully open construction with no sealed casing contributes both to the airy feeling of the rack and to the actual airflow. Even devices that tend to be more thermally critical can breathe freely in the Vision R. All these qualities make the Vision R a desirable rack option in and of itself. However, if you also use a desk from the Vision line, you will be pleased to know that the Vision R seamlessly connects to the cable management provided in these desks.

PRis: Ring


– 12 slanted rack units support an ergonomic workflow
– Free airflow for every device
Black & White
Height: 770 mm 
Width: 577 mm
Depth: 805 mm