Extinct Audio BM9 Viking

The BM9 is a general purpose bi-directional ribbon microphone, with a symmetric figure-8 pickup pattern. It is designed to be equally at home in front of a guitar amp, above an orchestra, and everywhere in between. It has a deep, rich bottom end particularly when used close to the source, and has a large bass proximity effect. At the top, the response is smooth and detailed, as one expect to would find in a high end vintage ribbon microphone.

Aesthetically, the BM9 is inspired by classic Danish microphones from the 1950s and 60s, but contains numerous technical innovations which bring its performance, noise floor and output level ‘bang’ up to date.

Every Extinct Audio ribbon is sonically tempered for durability and extended life. This involves subjecting the microphone to audio frequency vibrations, which harden and strengthen the aluminium ribbon. The custom-wound permalloy core transformers are designed and made at our workshop to ensure high efficiency and low noise over the full sonic range.

Matched Pair
BM9 fås også i en matched pair version!

PRis: Ring


Output impedance: <300 ohms at 1KHz
Directional Pattern: True figure-8
Transducer Element: 1.8 micrometer aluminum ribbon
Frequency range: <30 Hz – 15 kHz @ ±3dB. (excludes proximity effect)
Maximum SPL: 135dB @ 20 Hz
Sensitivity: 2.23 mV/Pa, -53 dBv/Pa
Self noise (thermal): -130 dBV at 20ºC (20 kHz bandwidth)
Signal to noise (1kHz at 1 Pa): 81 dB
Proximity effect: Strong
Electronics: Passive. No power required
Output configuration: Transformer balanced
Output Connector: XLR3, Pin 2= +ve, Pin 3 = -ve, Pin 1 = Ground
Weight: 355g (microphone only)

Other impedances available on request at no extra charge. Because we make the transformers and assemble the microphones in-house, it is a simple task for us to modify the microphones to your requirements.