Extinct Audio Valkyr

Valkyr is the stereo version of our popular BM9 ribbon microphone, and is a perfect one-point solution for recording ensemble, orchestral or choral performances. It also makes an excellent live room or drum overhead microphone, and is ideal for use in larger spaces.

‘Valkyr’ has two finely matched ribbon transducers orientated at 90º to one another. The figure-8 polar patterns are incredibly pure, and provide excellent rejection at the nulls. This allows the engineer to set up Blumlein pair or Mid-Side arrangements quickly and accurately. It is easier to find the sweet spot in the room when only moving one microphone around.

Valkyr’s extended frequency response and strong output level give that classic ‘ribbon mic tone’ in a beautifully engineered, modern microphone. The audio arriving at the microphones is phase coherent which means that the stereo image produced has excellent depth and positional accuracy. And the wide acceptance angle of the microphones easily takes in the whole band, orchestra or choir.

Valkyr is supplied with a stereo cable (4 metres), rugged stereo breakout box, Fenrir mount, and a tough carry case.

PRis: Ring


Output impedance: <300 ohms at 1KHz (per channel)
Directional Pattern: Blumlein pair
Transducer Element: 1.8 micrometer aluminum ribbon
Frequency range: <30 Hz – 15 kHz @ ±3dB. (excludes proximity effect)
Maximum SPL: 135dB @ 20 Hz
Sensitivity: 2.23 mV/Pa, -53 dBv/Pa
Self noise (thermal): -130 dBV at 20ºC (20 kHz bandwidth)
Signal to noise (1kHz at 1 Pa): 81 dB
Proximity effect: Strong
Electronics: Passive. No power required
Output configuration: Transformer balanced
Output Connector: XLR5 with stereo cable to breakout box and 2 x XLR3
Weight: 488g (microphone only)