Wes Audio Mimas

Since year 1968 this style of compression dominated hundreds of recordings and to this day it is most commonly used signal processor in the industry. Lightning-fast attack and release times became main companions of audio engineers.

WesAudio proudly presents _MIMAS – ng500 series implementation of legendary FET compressor. This time along with classic analog sound You will receive most demanded feature in audio industry – DIGITAL RECALL.

Attack time: 20us – 800us
Release time: 50ms – 1100ms
Compression ratio : 4:1; 8:1; 12:1; 20:1; all button mode
SC High Pass filter – 60,90,150Hz

PRis: Ring


Frequency response: 20Hz do 20kHz (+/- 1dB)
Output impedance: 600ohm
Signal to noise ratio SNR : >83dB
Power consumption: 3W (100mA/+16V i 60mA/-16V)