Zaor Classic Maestro 24

The ideal compact centrepiece for the professional mastering studio with plenty of rack space within easy reach, acoustically optimised for maximum audio fidelity.

In mastering, there is no room for compromise. As the final production stage before committing to a medium, mastering engineers must be able to hear clearly and work effortlessly. The Maestro 24 translates this working principle into a low-profile, compact and highly space-efficient desk.

The desktop provides 24 rack units in two columns. Even large analogue audio processors often employed in mastering easily find their place in this rack. From the most musical compressors to velvety smooth high-end EQs, the Maestro 24 puts all of these exquisite tools comfortably at your fingertips. And there is more: power supplies and less often used processors find their place in the 12 rack units at the bottom, leaving a tidy and uncluttered working environment. Due to the clever open side panel design, all those cherished processors benefit from optimal airflow.

A critical point of consideration for mastering studios is also the acoustic impact furniture can have. The Maestro 24 keeps its sonic footprint as small as possible: the whole design avoids acoustic interference by staying out of the way of the sound waves, while panels on the back absorb stray sound and a special cover on the desk eliminates comb filter effects caused by reflections. A dual cable management separates power wiring and the delicate audio connections.

PRis: Ring


– 2x 12 rack units on desktop level, angled
– 2x 6 rack units below desktop, vertical
– Dual cable management for separate audio and power paths
– Optimised airflow through side vents
– Ecological absorption panels in the back
– Acoustic felt on desktop
Cherry Black
Oak Black
Silver Black
Black LED
Desk Height: 837 mm  Desk Width: 1072 mm Desk Depth: 1049 mm
Monitor shelf dimensions: 188 x 1000 mm