Zaor Classic Maestro 36

The outboard way of life: with 36 rack units on the desktop, plenty more rack space underneath, optimised airflow, high-end cable management and acoustic optimisation built in.

Its more compact sibling, the Maestro 24, is the perfect desk for mastering engineers who know exactly which processors they want to work with. The Maestro 36 adds to the immaculate ergonomics a sense of creative freedom by allowing for more rack units and thus for more exciting hardware gems at your fingertips. With outstanding signal clarity preserved by the dual cable management separating audio and power lines, the acoustic concept of the Maestro makes sure you hear what you are working on without interference as the desk stays out of the way of the sound waves. Panels at the back of the desk absorb stray sound waves, and the felt-covered desktop eliminates comb filter effects caused by reflections that could otherwise compromise the sound image.

They are all here: your favourite compressors and EQs. The limiter you like to use on drum stems. That vintage exciter you love to put at the end of your chain for some added air. Maestro 36 has room for them all, and lets them breathe with the open side panel design.

PRis: Ring


– 3x 12 rack units on desktop level, angled
– 3x 6 rack units below desktop, vertical
Extra rack space for PSUs, converters and the like: 18 bottom rack units
– Ample space for all your rack mount gear: 36 desktop rack units
– Acoustic felt on desktop
– Dual cable path for separate audio and power wiring
– Optimised airflow through side vents
– Ecological absorption panels in the back
Cherry Black
Oak Black
Silver Black
Black LED
Desk Height: 837 mm  Desk Width: 1509 mm
Desk Depth: 1049 mm