Zaor Classic Matrix

Absolute integration is the idea behind the SSL Matrix hybrid console. The Matrix desk from Zaor takes up this concept and neatly integrates both the SSL console and analogue outboard into the room.

The Matrix mixing console from legendary manufacturer Solid State Logic epitomises the seamless combination of analogue and digital audio production. The Zaor Matrix desk achieves on the level of ergonomics what the console does on the technical level: the marriage between analogue hardware and modern workflow.

The main focal point of the Matrix desk is the large pocket in the center, shaped and measured to perfectly accommodate the eponymous SSL piece. Zaor then built a workflow-optimised environment around the central hybrid studio console. With eleven rack units on each side, there is plenty of desktop space for all your esteemed audio processors that make working with analogue gear so desirable. The SSL Matrix can integrate up to sixteen hardware devices as insert effects, and the Zaor Matrix can house them all and place them conveniently within your immediate reach.

More rack units and optional drawers underneath the desktop add versatility. An elevated shelf for computer screens and monitor speakers as well as the comfortable armrest with enough space for mouse and keyboard complete the hybrid studio package. The extensive cable management and the use of excellent woods underline the Zaor commitment to quality and establish the Matrix as the perfect desk for the SSL powered hybrid studio.

PRis: Ring


– For medium sized mixers/controllers
– 8+3 rack spaces per side
– Large computer compartment
– Large meter bridge for screens/speakers
– Optional drawers or more racks
Desk Height: 896 mm  Desk Width: 2515 mm
Desk Depth: 1146 mm