Zaor Classic Onda Angled

Meet the professional: made from solid oak or ash wood, this desk provides a large working space in the centre and six ergonomically angled rack units to each side.

Quality, efficiency, ergonomics – three of the most important aspects for professionals. Onda combines all of these in a desk that is as reliable as it is elegant, a centerpiece for the modern studio that always makes a lasting impression on both studio owners and their clients.

Onda is perfectly suited to the demands of hybrid studios. It offers vast amounts of desk space at its center, leaving room for DAW controllers, desktop interfaces or synthesizers in addition to the obligatory keyboard and mouse. Angled racks on each side of this central working space provide a total of twelve rack units – plenty of room for your most valued mic preamps, compressors, and EQs. And while your sound processors sit readily available and easy to reach, the desk layout still manages to keep them out of the way of your monitors, so it does not interfere with your acoustics.

Beautifully crafted from solid oak or ash, Onda is designed as a working place, so it is tailored to the needs of people who work with it every day. The angled rack spaces are one example for the ergonomic approach, another is the lower shelf behind the main desk, specifically made for screen placement.

PRis: Ring


– 2 rack bays and speaker planes
– Angled work surface
– 2 x 6 rack units
– Light weight and acoustically transparent
Desk Height: 815 mm  Desk Width: 2346 mm
Desk Depth: 910 mm